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A Chat with Horror Author, AMBROSE IBSEN

Now that Halloween is over and we're all highly anticipating the next one, today I was finally able to get back to blogging a bit. I'm happy to be interviewing paranormal horror author, AMBROSE IBSEN! Welcome to the blog, Ambrose!

WH: Won't you be please give us a brief introduction of your fabulous self?

AI: I'm a novelist who dabbles mostly in horror. I've always been fascinated by the things that go bump in the night.

WH: You're in good company! Tell us, what other career would you have if not writing/publishing?

AI: It's hard to say. I think that if I could carry a tune, I'd have gone into music. Started a band. In college, my plan had been to travel to Japan to work as an English teacher. I ended up dropping out when I met my wife, though.

WH: Maybe your family should move to Japan for a year? I know some couples who moved to Asia temporarily, and it gave their kids the most amazing experiences! Anyway, back to writing, what is your writing process like?

AI: A lot of people have asked me this question, and I feel like I answer it differently every time! I have 5 kids, so my home life is hectic and I don't always get around to working with regularity.

When I come up with an idea for a story, I tend to sit on it for a few days, just to see where it goes. This is followed by a day or two of outlining. The writing tends to go faster for me with a tight outline, though I often deviate from it. I then sit down for hour-long writing sprints and hammer out a first draft. I tend to edit as I go, so my first draft is very close to a final draft.

WH: This sounds a lot like me. People ask me how I write so quickly--outlines! Though I don't always stick to them, but at least the road map is there. Ambrose, which of your written works are you most proud of?

AI: This answer will probably be baffling to many of my readers, but I'd have to say I'm proudest of my novel Midnight in a Perfect World. It's unlike anything else I've ever written. It's got multiple character POVs, a non-sequential timeline and some pretty nightmarish scenery. I also think it contains some of my sharpest prose to date. A lot of people didn't like it—thought it too convoluted—but it's near and dear to my heart because it really challenged me as a writer.

WH: I haven't read it yet, but now I'm dying to see what you mean. Usually, author favorites are not reader favorites, because we see story through different lenses.

If you could interview any horror author, gone or alive, who would it be?

AI: I'd sit down for a fireside chat with H.P. Lovecraft. I'd love to enjoy a few nighttime coffees with the guy and just shoot the breeze.

WH: I'm more Poe than Lovecraft, but so many horror authors identify with Lovecraft, it's made me start reading him.

Weird question, but...how do you like your coffee? Do you have a favorite libation? What’s your favorite dessert? This is the food portion of the interview. :)

AI: I prefer my coffee black, though I'll add some heavy whipping cream to it if I'm feeling indulgent. I'm a big fan of beer in general. I think my father once said, “There's no such thing as a bad beer,” and I'm inclined to agree—though I'm less fond of the hoppy stuff. My go-to is Weihenstephaner. My favorite dessert? Probably chocolate. I like the really dark stuff—85% or higher cacao content.

WH: Nice! I see that you like to indulge. What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

AI: It's hard to choose! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the entire season is such a joy to me. It'll sound dumb, but my absolute favorite thing is driving around town to the various Halloween stores as soon as they open, or finding those first Halloween displays at craft stores in late August. Stumbling upon stuff like that is a signal that the season has arrived.

WH: Yes! Finally seeing long-awaited merchandise can change your whole mood right away. What elements do you feel make the best paranormal horror novel?

AI: In brief, I'd say you've got to have a compelling bogeyman. People read horror for many reasons, but across the board I reckon most of them want to be both terrified and intrigued. Give that to them in a unique ghost or some off-the-wall scares and they'll remember you. Also, tension. Tension is a must in all horror, supernatural or otherwise. Too many people skimp on the tension and the frights they set up fall flat because of it. Build up some atmosphere. It's gotta be thick—so thick I feel the weight of it as I turn the page. Scaring people in print is damn hard to do. Rich atmosphere and the ratcheting of tension is how we do it.

WH: Definitely agree. Atmosphere and tension is where it's at. What is the most awesome thing happening in your life right now that you’d like to share with us?

AI: My wife just gave birth to our fifth child in September, a daughter. Getting to know her has been a great joy. She gets in the way of the writing, but she's so stinking cute I allow it.

WH: Ha. Congratulations! That's awesome and good for you for finding a balance between being a father and an author. It may not always seem like you've got it under control, but you're doing an amazing job, in case people don't tell you enough.

What’s next for you? We can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

AI: Next for me is a full-length novel entitled The Splendor of Fear. Other than that, I've got a handful of other projects going. A third House of Souls book, a creature feature... Too many to name!

Love it! Well, thank you so much for sitting with me today, Ambrose, and good luck on all your upcoming projects. To learn more about Ambrose Ibsen, visit his social media pages here:

* Website: AmbroseIbsen.com

* Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/Ambrose-Ibsen/e/B00YBXIVS0

* Latest release: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F89XQ3H

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ambrose-Ibsen-867837259919312

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmbroseIbsen

* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ambroseibsen/


Once upon a time, a young Ambrose Ibsen discovered a collection of ghost stories on his father's bookshelf. He was never the same again. Apart from horror fiction, he enjoys good coffee, brewed strong.

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