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A New Moon Ritual

Each new moon is a time to let go of the past and everything that is not serving you and get ready for the new. A new cycle, a new chance. It’s like having New Year’s Day every 29 days. I confess I don’t use the same ritual every month like some witches do, hence the term "ritual." But I have several I like to use and the following is one of them.

One thing I love about eclectic witchcraft is that you can change it up however you want. If you don’t have an ingredient or tool, use another. If you don’t have hibiscus flowers, use jasmine. If you don't have almond oil, use grapeseed oil. And guess what? If you don't want to use any of these things, and you just want to sit in silent prayer, THAT WORKS, TOO.

For me, ingredients used in spells and rituals are meant to help get you in the frame of mind. Herbs, incenses, colored candles…they’re all there to get you to focus on your goals (every church and temple in the world uses them). Use the ones that work for you. For example, basil and anise seed evoke money for me, but you might like to use something yellow or gold to represent wealth.

Your thoughts are the key.

Science, particularly the study of neuroplasticity, shows that your thoughts eventually become your reality, because your body rewires itself according to the signals the brain sends it. Yes, mind over matter is a real thing!

Anyway, back to the New Moon Ritual, here is the one I did yesterday that involves one of my favorite forms of magic—FIRE! Feel free to use it, share it, or create your own. You are the creator of your own world.

****||||**** NEW MOON RITUAL ****||||****

Fireproof container


Small sheet of paper & pen

Bay leaves & Sharpie

Attraction oil (olive oil & crushed bay leaf)

Anise star pod

Powdered cinnamon (or stick)

1. Always begin any spell, ritual, or prayer by burning sage to clear your space of negativity and bless your tools and ingredients. I like to say the following as I’m burning sage:

“Smoke of air, fire of earth, cleanse

and bless this home and hearth;

drive away all harm and fear,

only good may enter here.”

2. Next, recite the following:

“I push away all negative distractions, allowing me to find clarity to my actions. To find peace of mind in any situation, I call to [insert whoever you believe in: angels, spirit guides, God, the goddess, the Universe] for clear communication.”

3. On your paper, write down everything you wish to see come to fruition this month. Be clear and concise. For example, don’t say, “I wish to receive more money,” or you may receive 50 cents. Be specific but don’t ask for more than you need either. If you need an extra thousand dollars, then write that down. If you would like improved relationships with loved ones, say, "Joyful interactions with ___ [person]."

On the back side of the paper, write down all the things you are grateful for. It’s important to thank the universe and be in a grateful state of mind each day. When you feel abundant, abundance comes to you! We attract what we FEEL.

4. Next, write the same wishes on each of your bay leaves. I recommend using a Sharpie to do this as a ballpoint pen or pencil will break your dried bay leaves. Bay leaves are great for writing down wishes and burning in any spell or ritual.

5. Next, meditate while holding the paper in your hands. Think about having all the things you asked for. Imagine yourself already having them. If you want a pool in your backyard, imagine that it’s already there and you will go for a swim when the ritual is over. You already have everything you need. You are grateful to God, the universe, the goddess, or whoever you believe in. Remember, witchcraft isn’t a religion, and rituals/prayer go hand-in-hand with any belief system. This is about getting you in the right frame of mind to create your own reality.

6. Next, fold the paper 3 times towards you each time, saying, “Come to me, come to me, come to me…so mote it be.” Place it in your fireproof dish and drop several drops of attraction oil on paper. Light the paper on fire.

7. Continue to meditate while watching the fire. Add your bay leaves one at a time, reciting the wish on each out loud, followed by, "So mote it be."

8. Add the anise pod to the fire to represent success in achieving your goals. Add the cinnamon to the fire to represent wealth, success, and work goals (You can replace this with something to represent whatever you are seeking. This month, I am focused more on material success. For example, you can add red rose petals if you are seeking love).

9. Watch the fire burn. If needed, move the unburned items into the fire with a skewer, pushing them around until they are all burned. Watch the smoke rise into the air. Imagine it carrying your wishes into the universe.

10. Say, “As above, so below, and within, it is done. So mote it be.” Believe that the message you have just created will reach the right ears, just as you have placed an order on Amazon and know it will arrive soon. :) Heh, heh, heh.

Hope you enjoyed this New Moon Ritual! Blessed be, witches!

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