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A Year and a Day - A New Witch's Journey

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Welcome to my broom closet. For a while now, I’ve wanted to launch a blog where I could be myself, talk about witchy things, ghosts, haunted places, scary books and movies, and celebrate Halloween all year round. Hence, “The Witch Haunt.” So, here we are, and already I’ve been asked a few times…why “The Witch Haunt?” Why not “Gaby’s Writing Blog” or “The Cake Blogger?”

The answer starts a year ago while in Chicago. I’d taken my son up for a tournament and was supposed to be researching and writing the whole weekend. What ended up happening was completely spontaneous and to this day, I can’t explain it, except to say I felt a calling. Out of the blue, I wanted to know EVERYTHING. I wanted to understand the universe, I wanted a name for these things I’d been doing my whole life without realizing it, I wanted answers. It was a full moon, the day of fullest potential and maybe a little craziness, though I didn’t know that would have anything to do with it on that particular day.

I took the train across town to a Barnes & Noble and didn’t emerge for several hours. Within those 5-6 hours, I managed to scour through about the same number of books on witchcraft and visit three occult shops, not really knowing why I was there. What was I seeking? Why witchcraft? I had no idea. But from the first paragraph of every book I skimmed, I knew I was stumbling upon something I had already known and understood for years. Something I’d been practicing without knowing its name—“witchcraft.” For years, I’d meditated, focused on what I’d wanted to manifest, then made it happen. For years, I’d felt that the concept of God in the traditional Christian sense I’d grown up learning wasn’t what I felt in my heart. It wasn’t a lie either—it was just…something else.

Without going into a discussion on religion, all I’ll say, for those of you who are reading this thinking that I’ve turned to evil, is that witchcraft isn’t a religion. Wicca is a religion, and I’m not a practitioner. Christianity is a religion, Buddhism is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice. It’s something you do, like cooking, like writing, like breeding dogs, or cultivating succulents. It’s the practice of manipulating energy, and I believe that thoughts can create intentions, and intentions can create reality. It’s no different than praying. We pray in the hopes that God will listen to our wishes, and we wait for the “magic” to happen.

Witchcraft is the same thing, except I believe that we are the ones who make things happen with the help of the Universe, and to me, God is the Universe.

I still believe in God. I won’t say we have the best relationship, and I have often felt that he/she/it has forsaken me, but I still believe. Witchcraft and who/what you believe in have nothing to do with each other. You can be any religion and practice witchcraft. Even Christians hold hands and pray, anoint their babies with oil, call upon angels and saints, and engage in rituals meant to honor God and bring about an end result—the salvation in which they believe. Each religion has their own brand of witchcraft, but witchcraft can also be practiced by itself.

There’s so much to say about what happened after that fateful day in Chicago last July, but let’s just say my eyes opened wide. For years, I’d baked, cooked, written, and done numerous activities with deep emotion, only to manifest what I’d been thinking about. There’s a reason why in one short lifetime, I’ve already been a teacher, a cake designer, an author and been married three times. There’s a reason why I’ve connected with spirit on a deeper level, too, why I’ve heard ghostly voices, seen swirling lights and smoke appear out of nowhere, and why I know certain things are going to happen before they happen. There’s a reason why I dreamed of having twins, then I had twins. Why I said, “I’m going to take my family on a big vacation, even though I don’t have the money,” and the next thing that happened was the money appeared. And I took my family on that big vacation. There’s a reason why I’m able to just thinkabout doing something, then it happens.

I’ve always had that energy about me.

So, you’re a doer, Gaby. You make shit happen. That doesn’t mean you’re a witch.

Well, if you think of a witch as a woman in black with a pointy hat, then no, I’m not. I’m just a woman who puts thoughts to action. But the more I have grown to believe that I’m able to shape my results and future, while maintaining a mindset of gratitude to the Universe for everything it has allowed me to achieve, the more I’ve learned about myself and who I am. The Witch Haunt is my gift to me—a coming out of the broom closet, one might say—for spending a year and a day studying and developing rituals and habits that serve me. I’m not perfect, and I can’t just cast a spell for anything, but I’ve been able to bring so many things to fruition that would’ve just been a dream several years before.

July 10th, 2018 will make one year since that catharsis in Chicago.

Since then, I’ve decided to follow my heart in so many ways, and they’ve all paid off. One of those ways was changing from a young adult writer to a horror writer. My whole life, I’d written stories about haunted places, but when my first contract came for a book that had nothing to do with ghosts, I continued in that vein, but I always wanted to come back again. This year, I was able to come home. I started my Haunted Florida books and now I’m launching this site dedicated to horror books, movies, and all things spooky. I hope you’ll follow me on my journey as I bring you author interviews, chats with editors, fun Halloween stuff all year round, and of course…lots of witchy things.

So welcome to The Witch Haunt. I hope you’ll cast a spell with me. And blessed be, my friends.

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