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Author Interview - LENORE SAGASKIE

Today on The Witch Haunt, we welcome indie horror author, Lenore Sagaskie! Lenore is the author of THE FOUR SWORN series, and here's the blurb for SUMMER SOLSTICE, Book 2:

One drawn to Fire. One drawn to Air. One drawn to Water. One drawn to Earth.

The Four find themselves alone to deal with their increasing elemental powers as enthusiasm for The Four in Feyland wanes. When a missing girl is discovered murdered the fey ask them to investigate. Will they and their new allies find a serial killer in Harmon? Or will they find something more dangerous?

WH: Welcome to The Witch Haunt, Lenore! Please give us a brief introduction of your fabulous self:

I’m a Canadian writer and artist living in self-imposed exile in Michigan. I’m a witch, and I’m a former member of the Canadian military.

WH: How awesome that you write about magic and witches, and you identify as one as well. What other career would you have if not writing/publishing?

It would be a tie between art and music. I played the French Horn for over a decade. Though I don’t play anymore, music is still a passion.

WH: How cool. So many authors I know are also amazing musicians or visual artists! What is your writing process like?

My writing process is chaotic. I do outlines but frequently deviate from them. Sometimes my characters do things that are a huge surprise to me. I like to let the story evolve organically. If it’s too hard to write I have to stop and re-evaluate what I’m trying to achieve. The hardest part of my process is not shitting on myself when I don’t achieve as much as I think I should. I think all writers struggle with their process. I don’t always write every day but if my flow is good I will drop everything to keep it going.

WH: I hear you. I’m extremely hard on myself, especially when I don’t make my word count for the day, but I have to remind myself that I’m human. Do you have a favorite dessert? I like to ask all my guests, since I used to own a bakery.

My favorite pie is peach and my favorite cake is Tiramisu.

WH: Two of my favorites as well, though I can’t have either right now. Which of your written works are you most proud of?

I wrote a book when I was nine years old called What Good Luck, What Bad Luck. It was a short book and it had strong female characters and a surprise ending. I recently re-read it and I’m still quite proud of it.

WH: You know you’re an author when you’re writing stories longer than a page in third grade. If you could interview any horror author/actor, gone or alive, who would they be?

I would love to meet Edgar Allan Poe. I would thank him for his poem, The Raven, since it was the inspiration for my name. I would also love to meet Vincent Price. I’ve had a curious fascination with him most of my life.

WH: I love how Vincent Price found ways to stay in the business well into his old age, and I loved him as the inventor and father figure in Edward Scissorhands. Lenore, how have you changed as a person from your early life until now?

I’ve always been outgoing but I kept a lot of things about myself hidden. I’m still very outgoing but I’m more confident about myself. I’m out of the broom closet now and I think that helps a lot. I’ve learned that people can be cool about who I am and what I am or they can be assholes. I’m not as bothered by the latter anymore.

WH: It’s so hard when people don’t understand what being a witch means yet they have no problem judging others for it. I’m glad you’re able to just brush it off. How do you like your coffee? Do you have a favorite libation?

I’m a double-double coffee drinker and I’ll drink an entire pot in the morning. My favorite libations are homemade Mead (a friend of mine makes a fabulous lemon-honey mead) and ale. Boddington’s is one of my favorites.

WH: Oooo, that sounds delicious! Would love to try that sometime. So, what’s your favorite Halloween tradition? As a practicing witch, you must have many.

I love to dress up for Halloween but I also make sure I take time to honor Samhain. It’s a witch thing. :)

WH: Yes, for non-witch folks, Samhain (pronounced Sow-een) is the 31st of October when the veil is at its thinnest, and we honor our ancestors. What is the witchiest thing about you?

I self-identify as a witch. I’m a proud sponsor of the 2018 Michigan Witches’ Ball. I traveled to England in 2015 and met with my friend Frank who is one of the Stonehenge Druids. While I was there I was honored to participate in a ritual at their sacred spring. That is definitely the coolest and witchiest thing I’ve ever done.

WH: That is goals! Who would be your favorite Addams Family character?

Definitely Morticia! People have called me Morticia as an insult but I take it as a compliment. She’s all I aspire to be.

WH: Morticia is always calm, she’s passionate, and deeply devoted to her family. What’s not to love? How difficult do you feel the horror industry is for women to break into? Do you have any advice for aspiring female writers looking to enter the genre?

Horror has definitely been dominated by male writers for a long time but thankfully nowadays most of them are very encouraging of female writers. My advice to other women is to push your boundaries and find your voice. If your style of writing isn’t out there, don’t be afraid to put it out there. A friend of mine once said that your writing may not appeal to everyone but it will appeal to someone. Let that be your inspiration to keep writing.

WH: Just be yourself, and you’ll find audience. Good advice. What do you feel makes a horror novel scary?

I like horror novels that give me just enough information to make my imagination go wild filling in the details. I love the edge-of-your-seat suspenseful feeling you get when you can’t wait to turn the page and it continues to the next one, and then the next one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a haunted house story, a zombie story or something completely macabre. I live for the thrill of the story.

WH: And we all strive to be that page-turner, don’t we? What is the most awesome thing happening in your life right now that you’d like to share with us?

I recently released The Four Sworn: Summer Solstice, Book 2 of my series and I’m currently working on Book 3. I co-wrote a script for an indy horror-comedy film last year called Out of the Grave. It should be making the film festival rounds soon.

I’ve been doing volunteer work for an organization called Pagans In Need. It provides aid (food pantry and other financial assistance) to individuals that get turned away from traditional aid providers due to their religious affiliations. Pagans In Need is a registered 501c(3) if anyone is looking for a great cause to donate to.

WH: Wow, I didn’t even know that existed, so thanks for mentioning it. What’s next for you? We can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

I just finished a collaborative story with the talented horror writer Brian J. Smith. It was a great honor and a lot of fun. I hope we can work together again. I’m currently writing scripts for a few projects and hope to finish Book 3 in my series by the end of the year. I’m planning to complete a gothic horror/fantasy novel featuring Desdemona from Shakespeare’s Othello. I’m also planning to attend Stoker Con in Grand Rapids, MI in May 2019.

Then, I’ll see you there, Lenore! Thank you so much for coming on The Witch Haunt. To check out Lenore Sagaskie’s writing, visit the following links:

* Website: http://www.thefoursworn.com

* Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/Lenore-Sagaskie/e/B00CAX9MBS/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1530946154&sr=1-1

* Latest release: The Four Sworn: Summer Solstice

* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheFourSworn

* Twitter: @lenorewrites

* Instagram: @lenorewrites

PAGANS IN NEED: http://www.pagansinneed.org

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