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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Tonight I hand over the reins to author, Stacey Coverstone, as she tells us all about what inspires her to write gothic fiction. Welcome to the Witch Haunt, Stacey, and take it away!

When I was a teenager in the 1970’s, I picked up one of my mom’s paperback Gothic novels to read on a whim and was automatically hooked. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to learn the destiny of the vulnerable heroine and brooding hero who were involved in mysterious and supernatural activities while isolated in a haunted castle rampant with strange servants, family curses, madness, and ghosts! Since becoming a published author in 2006, I’ve written in a variety of genres, but the suspenseful, moody Gothic remains a favorite to read and write.

Some years back, I published my first contemporary Gothic romance. Secrets of Seacliff House continues to be one of my best-selling novels. It was followed by a 3-book series set in the 1950’s called the Briony Martin Mystery Series, which are filled with haunted places, ghosts, and strange phenomena. Another book I’m proud of is The Curse of the Montagues, a story about witch siblings who are propelled into the future and cursed to live for all eternity.

This past October, I plunked down in front of my television each weekend to watch spooky movies, like I always do that time of year. I had just published two lighthearted books (Holy Donuts and The Polka Dot Camper Caper) and was gnawing at the bit to write another Gothic. Within days, I had plotted out the story for Sinister Ceremony, which became part of a Gothic mystery series called A World of Gothic—novellas written by authors from all over the world.

I’ve visited Maine a few times and set several stories there because of its isolation, the wild and beautiful landscapes, and the interesting people who live there. Not to mention its rocky coastlines, lighthouses, rugged sea, and the vast opportunities for hauntings of one type or another. Also, when I was a kid I devoured the original 1960’s television soap opera, Dark Shadows, which was set in Maine. I have a connection to the place, so naturally, my story contribution to the World of Gothic series would be set there. Although Sinister Ceremony contains all the hallmarks of a Gothic suspense, it also includes elements of horror, which was new for me to write.

Check out the story blurb here:

Despite former flame Austin Marlett’s concerns, newly engaged Darcy Emerick accompanies fiancé Brent Asherton on a weekend trip to his familial home. Located on the coast of Maine, it’s a Gothic mansion built high on a cliff overlooking the sea, where long ago, a bride died a sudden and tragic death.

Once the couple reaches Asherton House, Darcy quickly realizes that something is amiss. Brent’s father is treated like a servant, his niece is mute, and Grandmother must not be disturbed in her room. Stranger still, a post-mortem photo hangs in the parlor and black crows haunt the property. 

When Darcy learns that Brent’s sister and three aunts expect them to marry that very weekend, she wishes she’d listened to Austin. The women demand to know if she’s a virgin and insist on her wearing a dead ancestor’s wedding gown and the red spinel ring that’s been handed down for generations. 

After experiencing visions and a physical attack, Darcy knows she’s made a terrible mistake. To her immense relief, Austin rides in as her knight in shining armor, but he may be too late, for a menacing presence is restless for a sacrifice, and Darcy has been chosen.

I had such fun writing this story and scared myself a few times during the process. By the following reactions I’ve received, my goal to spook readers was successful. Take a look at a few of the 5-star reviews this book has received:

“WOW!!!!!! What a fantastic heart thumping story. My heart still hasn't come down from reading it. It is so eerie and just plan scary. A suspenseful and riveting story! I LOVED it!!! This is a fantastic Gothic scare!”

“This book is so much like those I remember from the 60's and 70's. It started off delightfully creepy and kept me in suspense until the last page. I would recommend it to any Gothic lover.”

“What a ride! This author has a wonderfully creative mind. I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end. The prologue sets the scene for an angsty story. The storyline was creepy and so classically gothic. I loved it.”

You can get an Ebook copy of Sinister Ceremony for only $1.99 or the paperback version for $9.95. Both can be found on Amazon, along with my other 27 books and a few short stories.

Also, feel free to visit my website www.staceycoverstone.com for info on all my books and my editing services, as I’m also a freelance fiction editor. (Writers, I have openings, so email me!)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. And a big thank you to Gaby Triana for having me guest on her blog!

Stacey Coverstone wrote her first novel in 2006 after returning home from an inspiring week at Cowgirl Camp in New Mexico, a gift from her husband for completing her Master’s Degree. That novel was not published, but a kind editor gave her some very good tips, she wrote a second novel, and that book was published the following year. To date, she has published 28 novels and novellas and a few short stories. She's been published by six traditional publishers and also self-published.

Stacey has a Bachelor's degree in Family Services and a Master's degree in Human Resources Development. She works full time at the historic 1883 Lakeside Inn in charming Mount Dora, Florida as the HR Manager and in Special Events Sales. Her passion, however, has always been writing, so a good story is always brewing in her head. She's also a freelance fiction editor, who enjoys working with newbies as well as more established authors. She was raised in Illinois and has lived in Virginia, Kentucky, the island of Guam, Maryland, and now Florida, where she dwells with her husband and rescue dog, Buster. Her granddaughter and mule, Omaha, both live nearby and provide them with further joy and entertainment.

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