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Full Moons 2019: What's Left to Come, by Alejandra A. Fernandez

Who wants some full moon sexiness, love spells, and a little Marvin Gaye? You know you do ;-).

Ahhhh, it’s approaching that time of year…one of witches, goblins, cinnamon brooms, and casting spells to find your ideal mate (**see my spell at the end!). Fall. I love it! At least I love it in Central Park, New York. In Miami, it’s more like a sudden new diet that’s been forced upon you after being assigned bus duty by that lovely administrator who has it in for you—92 degrees that feels like 107.

But that’s where air-conditioning, Michaels, or Big Lots can help. Lovely autumn temperatures and Halloween decorations can transport you to another place, far from sweat and pissy supervisors on a power trip. This entry is not about me, though (although I will always find a way). This is about the remaining full moons in 2019, what to expect, and some recommended activities.

First, how did everyone survive that tough Mercury in Retrograde? I hope all of you weathered it well. Enjoy the silence (as a teacher, it’s what I tell myself at the beginning of the school year before the craziness sets it), because it will return on All Hallows’ Eve. Jupiter also went direct on August 12th, so wherever you find Jupiter on your chart, I hope you received many blessings in that area recently. We still have the other three planets out there, complicating our lives: Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. I’m personally feeling that Pluto to the core. If any of those planets are in your first house, you are definitely feeling their impact.

Now, for the remaining full moons, the effects of which are felt 7 days before and 7 days after:

· August 15: Full moon in Aquarius. The Sturgeon moon. A kind, fraternal moon. The moon in Aquarius highlights heightened imagination, inventiveness, and being futuristic. Emotions are channeled in an eccentric manner. Modern and techy stuff are emphasized. Get excited about knowledge and altruistic or humanitarian projects. Emotional reactions are different from the usual way, and one might have a tendency towards being more rebellious. It’s a good time to further understand or explore one’s personal freedom and individuality. Those of you with Aquarius in your first houses (such as my mom and child…guardez vous…just ride the wave, ladies, and try to be a little less rebellious), take extra care of those ankles, invoke all that water you have on those charts without crying.

· September 14: Full moon in Pisces. The Harvest Moon (I have a catchy Kindergarten song that goes with this. If you don’t at least sway, the child within you has withered and you must tend to him or her ASAP) – the most spiritual, sacrificing moon. Imagination during this time is limitless. Emotions are typically expressed with more sensitivity, compassion, and understanding. Intuition is heightened and one can be more impressionable. Emotions are geared more towards evading into a fantasy world, so be careful with anything that can numb your sense of reality towards this time. Also, be careful with misunderstandings based on confusion. You may seem to be a little more disoriented, so turn on your GPS! It’s a good time to align yourself more with your spirituality, which will ground you during this time.

· October 13: Full moon in Aries. The Hunter’s Moon. Guard against getting aggressive or being on the receiving end. Things happen quickly during this moon. There can also be tendencies towards being impulsive and impatient. Being more competitive during this time is expected, so take this as a good time to start an exercise regimen or a diet, something that allows you to be active without being argumentative or aggressive in a negative manner.

· November 12th: Full moon in Taurus. Full Beaver Moon (get your mind out of the gutter). What happens under the influence of this moon can rarely be undone. This is an excellent time to deal with financial matters and things involving the five senses such as a massage, a delicious meal, or a night at the opera. If you need to secure a mortgage or sign important documents, this would usually be an excellent time, except that this moon coincides with Mercury in Retrograde, which means that communication in a variety of forms will be compromised (read my last blog in which I explain what it is). However, you can reflect and set up financial plans that you will implement over the forthcoming months. So, take advantage and go get that massage or wonderful meal, enjoy that opera or concert, or anything that allows you to indulge in your senses…a little romance perhaps *wink wink.*

· December 12: Full moon in Gemini. Long Nights Moon. Your plans—those that you’ve been cooking up and lighting candles for—tend to be affected by outside influences, so keep your trap shut. This is a good time for communication, games, intellectual endeavors, and fun. Perfect for the holidays and having a good time with family and friends, but remember not to divulge things you want to happen in your life because you will open yourself to outside criticism that will erode the energy contained in your goals and wishes for the future. So…play Scrabble and Uno and try to not be the center of gossip.

Oh, and all of these moons are an excellent time for cleansing your aura, crystals, or new tarot deck in their beautiful light. I’ll go into cleansing your crystals and tarot decks soon. For now, put on some Marvin Gaye in anticipation of that Taurus moon. Until next time!

**Spell to Find Your Ideal Mate

First, make a lovely fire. Next, write everything you want in a partner. Be incredibly specific, down to their sex drive and nice smile (make a copy so you can remember later) and then place it in the fire and envision finding that person. Then, thank the fire and all your guides and/or higher beings involved in helping you attain that wish.

Word to the wise: be specific.

A few examples:

· Don’t just say I want that person to be employed! What kind of job should they have? How much money should they bring to the table? Detail the amount of time you would like this person to work a week – I have friends who need their mates to travel 75% of the time because otherwise they would divorce. SPECIFIC.

· Don’t just say I want someone who is also a parent because your last partner hated children despite being a math teacher (FYI, teachers don’t like kids as much as you think – we are surrounded by them, and the last thing we want is to hang out with them on our down time). Write the kind of parent this individual should be: parenting style, kind of kids this person has, their ages, how they will get along with you, etc. Otherwise you can end up with toddlers, and is that what you want when your kids are already in their late teen years? Do you really want to deal with diapers or little fingers opening cupboards?

I don’t think so.

Happy Full Mooning!

Alejandra A. Fernandez

Alejandra Fernandez is a special education teacher by day and a witch after 3:40 PM, weekends (particularly long, holiday ones), Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, and, of course, during Summer. She practices Reiki, astrology, crystal therapy, personalizes essential oil blends, creates creams and nifty potions, visualizes herself doing a lot of yoga, and levitates (at least in her mind). She has been a Tarot reader for over 15 years and believes that no matter what anyone tells you, your inner voice should be your greatest guide.  Alejandra lives in Miami, FL with her loving partner, incredibly talented mother, two badass biped children and three quadruped children comprised of two big black labs – Luna and Lily (yes, named after the dark moon, Lilith) who think they are lap dogs and one teensy, spunky Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, named Karl (after Lagerfeld) who thinks he is enormous.  

Alejandra is available for Tarot readings and can be reached at Alejandra.Readings@gmail.com.

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