• Gaby Triana

All Hail, the Halloween Queen!

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

For years, I've been the Halloween Queen of my family, friends, and the neighborhood block. Preparations begin September 1st when I transform my home into the "Fall Palace," an explosion of orange leaves and pumpkin decor to make this Miami girl feel like real autumn has arrived. As an eclectic witch, I've always connected with the change in seasons, and this ritual, which is what it's become, makes me feel like the seasons actually change around me, instead of the perpetual heat that comes with living in South Florida.

On October 1st and not a moment sooner, the creeptastic comes out to play. No two years are ever alike. No two items ever display in the same place. Decor changes year to year, depending on what I'm feeling, so this is a quick post just to share a few of our yearly decorations.

What are your Halloween traditions? :)

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