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Thinking Florida for a lovely vacation? Think again.

Florida (Spanish for “flowerful”), known for its sandy white beaches and tourist-filled theme parks, also abounds with unsettling legends and tales of the gruesome and weird. From the bloody history of Cayo Hueso (Key West in Spanish; “Bone Island”) to tales of ghost pirate ships doomed to roam the Everglades, to mysterious Afro-Caribbean witchcraft in Miami, it’s no secret that Florida is the perfect creepy setting for any book.

Years ago, I longed to read stories set in Florida after devouring Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches series (Witching Hour, Lasher,and Taltos). I thought, hey, if New Orleans can have their own horror novels, why can’t Miami? I’d always loved the Southern Gothic aesthetic, tales about haunted plantations, voodoo, and the latent witch powers residing in all of us. This is how the Haunted Florida series began.

So, now that CITY OF SPELLS, Book #3 in the series is out today, sit back, grab several cups of coffee, and get ready to read with the lights on, because Haunted Florida has something for the ghost story lover in everyone.

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