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Techniques of a Reiki Session by JUDY CAMBLOR

So what actually happens during a Reiki session? What techniques does the Reiki practitioner use in order to bring us back into mind/body balance?

I'm glad you asked. In this article, I will cover the step-by-step techniques and procedures that I teach to my Reiki students during the Level 1 attunement class. The Level 1 attunement class covers the basic techniques which are the same techniques used throughout every level. In the Master/Teacher level, I teach additional healing techniques that are only used by Master/Teachers. Some of the techniques can be modified by each practitioner to a form that best suits their sytle. However, the procedures themselves basically stay the same.

BOYSEN SCANNING At the start of a Reiki session, we are taught to conduct the Boysen scanning. This scan is performed on a client while they lay on a treatment table or sit in a chair. Before beginning, be sure to ask your client to participate by imagining themselves in a peaceful retreat. This helps your clients to relax and mentally prepare for the session. You will find they will soon be off to La-La land (and it's okay if they snore a little). Now, back to Boysen scanning. This is done by holding the hands over the chakras and other parts of the body for a minimum of three breaths while allowing the Life Force Energy (LFE) to travel through the practitioner to the client and back out. Three breaths is an initial starting point for any new practitioner. Through repetition the practitioner learns to use their intuition in combination with the techniques to guide them when more or less scanning is needed in a particular area of the client's physical body and aura.

Beginning with the Third-Eye Chakra, a practitioner places their hands over the client's Third Eye located in the center point of the forehead just above the eyebrows. After three breaths, the practitioner moves their hands now to the Crown Chakra before moving on to the ears. In my own practice, I like feel the energy between the ears by performing a pulling and pushing motion with my hands without touching the ears to feel the density of the energy. During the treatment of the ears, I envision the pineal gland as a beautiful blue crystal. As I move my hands away from and towards the clients head, I envision this crystal beginning to spin rather quickly and spilling its beautiful white and blue light around the head clearing out stagnant energy and sweeping away old thought patterns that no longer serve the client. From here, I move to the back of the head to bring that spinning energy to a normal pulse. By now, my client is somewhere in La-La land enjoying visions of the happy place they love.

From the back of the head, I move to the shoulders. I like to work on the shoulders with a sweeping motion of the hands after processing the LFE because many of us hold our stress in this part of the body. I sweep away the stagnant energy found in the shoulders before moving to the Throat and Heart Chakras. The Throat and Heart Chakras are centers of communication in their own distinct ways. When either of these are blocked or slow, it means that we are holding onto information whether it be speaking our truth or expressing our creativity. Please see my article to read about how having these two centers blocked for so many years affected my own life.

Now we come to scanning the body. Beginning at the shoulders again, I look for spots that cause changes in temperature in my hands. When I am conducting a Reiki session, the palms of my hands tend to get very warm. This warmth is produced by the movement of LFE. When I notice my hands getting too hot or too cold over a certain region of the client's body, I know that I need to stop scanning and deliver healing to that particular part of the body. I also listen closely to my intuition to see if there are portions of the body that need more clearing than others.

Moving slowly down the body from the chest area, I begin to scan the Solar Plexus Chakra; the area of our personal power. I spend some time here because I like to get a feel for where the person's self-confidence is. Do they need a boost? Is some preconceived notion about themselves blocking them from harnessing this personal power? By sweeping and clearing the energy here, the client is able to experience a newfound sense of purpose and direction. Since this is where we digest everything in life including what we put into our bodies, after sweeping and clearing, I will move my hands in a clockwise motion a few times to get the digestive energy flowing to aid in their mental, emotional and physical digestion.

From there I move to the Sacral Chakra which is the seat of our creativity, female reproduction, and emotions. Huh? Emotions so low in the body? Yes! While it makes sense that our emotions come from our heart, and they do, the Sacral Chakra stores all of our emotions from the time that we are born until we leave the physical plane. Any buried and unresolved emotions can hide here and create 'did-ease' in the body. Any repressed or unexpressed desires can also reside here. This chakra can also become overworked if there is too much sexual energy being expelled. Too much of anything is not good for you, right? Well, that applies to sex also. So be conscious of who you share your sexual energy with! Once the sweeping and clearing of this chakra is done, I perform the same healing circles here that I do for the Solar Plexus Chakra. I direct the energy out of the body through the regular paths of elimination.

Now we come to scanning the Root Chakra. The scanning of this charka includes the legs and the feet. Why? Because just as the Root Chakra is the base of our energetic body and supports the rest of the chakras, so do our legs, knees ankles and feet support our physical bodies. This chakra is the seat of our animal instincts, our survival. When our basic needs are met, this chakra will run smoothly. However, remember those feelings of self-confidence and emotional balance I mentioned before in the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras? Yeah, they can affect the Root Chakra, too! If you spend a lot of time worrying that what you have is not enough, this will cause your Root Chakra to go out of balance, too. This imbalance can physically affect the hips, knees, ankles and the soles of the feet.

Once I have scanned, swept and cleared the chakras on the front of the body, I will gently ask my client to turn over so that I can go through the same procedure on the back of the body. Did you think chakras two-dimensional?

You may find it easier to conduct Boysen scanning on a client while they are sitting in a chair because you can work on both the front and back of the chakras at the same time. This is what I meant by modifying some of the techniques to fit your own personal style or preference.

BALANCING CHAKRAS After the Boysen scanning is done, I can now ask my client to return to laying on their back. I like to offer my clients support for their knees and ankles in case they have lower back issues. I work with crystals to balance chakras. Below I will provide a brief list of some of the crystals I use during this part of a healing session.

To begin, I place a piece of Clear Quartz near the top of the client's head and a piece of Hematite between their feet. This provides clear communication (Quartz) and grounding (Hematite). At all times during the balancing of the chakras, the practitioner should be holding space for the client with their non-dominant hand over the Crown Charka while balancing the chakras with their dominant hand. If you choose to use crystals during your healing sessions, I recommend that you place all the crystals you will be using close to you. The point is to not break the LFE channel being held by the non-dominant hand.

Balancing chakras is a technique that can vary from practitioner to practitioner. Here is the preferred method I use: with my non-dominant hand over the Crown Chakra, I move from chakra to chakra by rotating my dominant hand in a clockwise motion over each chakra three times and then sweeping the energy through the body towards the feet. I then bring the hand back over the chakra. Once I feel the energy of the chakra moving at its normal vibratory state, I place the corresponding crystal over the chakra, draw the corresponding Reiki symbol and move to the next chakra. The goal is to get all the chakras spinning in the same direction each at their natural vibratory state. Crystals help to absorb and transmute any remaining stagnant energy, and the use of Reiki symbols helps to amplify, balance and seal the healing. Use your intuition to know which crystal/symbol combination to use. By this point in the healing session, you should know what each chakra needs, and you will be able to use the correct crystal and symbol for each.

One important aspect of this part of the healing process that I want to mention is that we can also direct energy from one chakra to another during a healing session to benefit the entire chakra system. For example, if I know a client has communication issues with his or her spouse like speaking their truth, I will direct energy from the Sacral Chakra to the Heart Chakra to the Throat Chakra upwards. In this type of scenario, I can also direct Solar Plexus energy into the Heart Chakra so that with self-confidence, my client is open to communicating their truth to their partner in a loving way.

Here is the list of crystal/chakra combinations I had promised before: Crown/Amethyst; Third-Eye/Lapis Lazuli; Throat/Blue Lace Agate; Heart/Aventurine or Rose Quartz (depending on whether the client needs to attract love or heal from love); Solar Plexus/Citrine; Sacral/Carnelian; Root/Red Jasper. There are also essential oil combinations for each charka, but we will get into that later.


Once the chakras are all flowing and happy, it's time to call in the angels from the pure white light. Using a sweeping motion akin to that of the flutter of angel's wings, I call in the angels and intuitively know which archangel has come to assist in the healing. I give this information and other intuitive messages to my clients once the session is done. I ask the archangels to bless the healing that my client has just received and ask that it only serve for their highest good.


Standing at the head of the table, I draw an infinity symbol three times over my client.


Lastly, in sweeping motions as if spreading a layer of icing over a cake, I sweep my hands over my client from head to toe covering all extremities with protective energy sealing up the cleansed aura. I then step back and conduct a self-cleansing and balancing technique for myself. I allow my client to lay peacefully for a few minutes after the session before waking them up so that the energy centers and the energy body can acclimate to the new flow of energy. Once they are awake, I provide them with a glass of water that has been infused with Reiki energy and recommend that they spend the day drinking water in order to flush out the body.

So there you have it! All in a day's work!

Wishing you all a day full of Love and Light!

Reiki Master Judy Camblor has been treating adults, children and pets with Reiki for almost ten years, and she has been authoring articles for Reiki Rays since 2013. Her home-based studio is located in Miami, Florida, where she lives with her daughter. She can be reached via e-mail at Judy.LovingLight@hotmail.com or through her website at www.LovingLightReiki.net.

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