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Nightmare of a Party

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Before you go thinking this post is about a party that went wrong, let me assure you that you're not even close! That said, I'm not going to deny the extent of my nightmarish planning, nor that there were some nightmares involved in the days leading up to it, such as a broken AC unit and faulty plumbing right before the big day. But that was all taken care of, just in time. Holy shish-ka-boobies.

Instead, I just want to say: if you're ever thinking of having a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS PARTY, you may want to think twice before you do. If you have not an ounce of creativity nor time on your hands, don't think you're just going to stroll into Party City, buy a bunch of NBC party supplies, and VOILA! Because...eh...they don't exist. But if you like making stuff, then with a little bit of planning, a few dollars, and a LOT of trips to WalMart and Dollar Tree, you can do it.

First off, for those of you who don't know, I used to bake for a half-living. So I was able to make a bunch of Jack Skellington cupcakes using the cupcake tree and items I already had. Add spider cupcake liners, some plastic spiders, and fondant cutouts with Jack faces painted on, there you go. No fuss cupcakes!

Next, did I mention I used to bake for a living? Even if you don't, you can totally make candy apples on your own, because uh...they require no baking. Just melt caramels (it helps to have 7-year-old twins who can unwrap them while they watch SpongeBob), dip apple, let harden, melt white chocolate, dip apple, let harden, then pipe Jack faces onto apple, let harden. Place in a clear baggie, print clever labels asking guests to take home a poisoned apple as our thanks (haha, I crack myself up), and poof...there you have it.

Then I took on a temporary job in set design, creating the big yellow moon from the movie (shimmery yellow fabric hot-glued to a shiny yellow hula hoop), some spooky trees entangled with orange and purple lights and spider webs, and even making Zero, Jack Skellington's ghostly puppy dog, out of cheesecloth, some paper, and a blinking pumpkin necklace for a nose. 

So here I was, thinking this would totally blow everyone away, when probably the EASIEST thing I made is what had everyone smiling--THE CANDY BAR! Just gather a bunch of empty vases and martini glasses that never get used, because you have 3 kids under 11 so you never throw adult parties, and fill them with candies that look eerily similar to spooky things, like Alien Bones (green Twizzler), Poop Cubes (caramels), Heartworms (gummy worms), and my favorite...Starburst (what else would they be called?)! Here's how it came out:

Add to all this: the Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack on a big, booming speaker, two borrowed Jack and Sally costumes, and a bunch of kids having fun playing Mummy Wrap, Bobbing for Apples, and Freeze Dance, and we had A BLAST! I got asked a few times if I would do this again next year, and I have to say, with as much writing time I probably lost preparing for this party--er, NO. But that doesn't mean YOU can't!!! Just make sure to invite me, okay? And I'll be there with my Poop Cubes.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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