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What's That, You Say? 5 Planets in Retrograde? by Alejandra A. Fernandez

Oh, Mercury in retrograde… How do I love thee…

I know it sounds odd to love retrograde, but that’s me. I was excited when Spider-Man discovered his darker side while he was Venom. Or that time Superman was exposed to red kryptonite, released his inhibitions, and began flirting shamelessly (along with becoming a little bit of a bad guy on a bike). Whatever, nobody’s perfect.

★ Discovering and, especially, embracing your darker side, your sub-personality, is what allows you to understand who you really are, your virtues, your limitations. This can lead to a greater sense of self, increase your self-worth, and give the universe reason to open more doorways for you. Retrograde is a time when you can reflect on who you are, the choices you’ve made, your path, your current state, your hopes and desires, and if you’re paying attention...you can create a blueprint towards the manifestation of those aspirations.

There are many folks out there who think of this time as troubling. They prepare for Mercury in retrograde almost like a Category 3+ hurricane, or even better, the apocalypse (it’s tough in Miami, since we can’t hide underground). Those folks must be losing their minds right now with FIVE, CINCO, CINQ, CINQUE planets in retrograde:

· Mercury (which we’ve discussed and deals with communication)

· Jupiter (who oversees how we party, or how we go to wine tastings with a book and sit in a corner away from people)

· Saturn (*holding onto a chair* this one does get to me a tad – it deals with discipline, your life’s mission kind of stuff…it’s Papa Saturn, and he’s strict, so you can get your act together)

· Neptune (your subconscious, how you tune in, or out, or numb yourself from reality)

· Pluto (*sitting down now* this one really gets to me – transformations).

So, this upcoming happiest time of the year when pumpkins are on sale...

...witches are flying through the air...

...along with the Great Pumpkin...

...Starbucks is serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes...

...(I’m not listening to those critics spouting negatives about how some ingredients may be bad for you, blah, blah, blah. *stopped to visualize having a warm taste of Fall topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of magic*)...

...and adults finally get to dress up as who they really are (at least those of us on this site and those of you reading) will all have multiple planets in retrograde.

I will wait so you can breathe into a bag, apply a couple drops of lavender to your pulse points, and pet your dog or cat who just became an emotional support animal, if they weren’t already.

Okay, so now I’m going to tell you it’s going to be okay. This is why... (please refer to the second paragraph above; I purposely placed a star next to it. Re-read it?) That’s why. These five planets, if you’re paying attention to the signs, give you the opportunity to connect deep within, manifest your goals, and align yourself further with your life’s purpose.

Signs come in all forms, and I’ll go more in depth in another blog, but here are some examples: I believe that angels communicate with us. One of those ways is through numbers. How many times do you see your birthday on the kitchen clock? Or 11:11 on your phone? Are you waking up at the same time in the middle of the night? Those numbers are speaking to you. What were you thinking at those moments? Pay attention. Are your dreams more vivid lately? Have you been wanting to make changes to your career in order to pay more attention to your spiritual work when suddenly, one of your friends contacts you and asks you to contribute to her blog by writing about your favorite subjects? (Thanks, Gaby!)

Be receptive to the moments that break the monotony, and think about what it means.

At a later time, I will delve into each planet separately, so you can have a greater understanding of the significance each has. I will begin with Mercury since it’s the most well-known. During Mercury’s retrograde, try not to concretize any legal matters, but if you have to, read through things multiple times before signing anything. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t delegate your responsibilities. Be patient with people and yourself during this time, because communication can go askew, and there can be misunderstandings. Try not to sever ties or end relationships during this time unless it’s totally toxic and then send that person packing. Be patient with your electronic equipment, Xfinity, etc. because it all becomes affected.

PATIENCE is the key word during this time. Mercury in retrograde ends July 31st, but give the effects a couple of more days to subside. The rest of the planets are in retrograde until:

Mercury – July 31st (returns to retrograde on Halloween until November 20th)

Jupiter – August 11th

Saturn – September 18th

Neptune – November 27th

Pluto – October 3rd

If you’re still breathing into a paper bag, stop, because I fear you may asphyxiate. Put down the lavender – I said a few drops, not 30. And please, put that bottle of Xanax away (with Neptune and Jupiter in retrograde, you may end up like Nicole Kidman’s character in Big Little Lies, unknowingly driving through Monterey in your pajamas. She was on Ambien though. Put that one away too!). Play soothing music, pet your now emotional support animal, watch a HAPPY movie or show (please Mom, stop watching those Nordic thrillers), mute the CNN updates on your phone (that’s for me), and sit with yourself, visualize what you want out of your life, what brings you joy, what no longer serves you and has become stagnant.

How can you attain those desires?

It’s time for brainstorming.

It’s time for you to embrace your higher purpose.

Alejandra A. Fernandez

Alejandra Fernandez is a special education teacher by day and a witch after 3:40 PM, weekends (particularly long, holiday ones), Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, and, of course, during Summer. She practices Reiki, astrology, crystal therapy, personalizes essential oil blends, creates creams and nifty potions, visualizes herself doing a lot of yoga, and levitates (at least in her mind). She has been a Tarot reader for over 15 years and believes that no matter what anyone tells you, your inner voice should be your greatest guide.  Alejandra lives in Miami, FL with her loving partner, incredibly talented mother, two badass biped children and three quadruped children comprised of two big black labs – Luna and Lily (yes, named after the dark moon, Lilith) who think they are lap dogs and one teensy, spunky Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, named Karl (after Lagerfeld) who thinks he is enormous.  

Alejandra is available for Tarot readings and can be reached at Alejandra.Readings@gmail.com.

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