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Witches Are Us - An Interview with MARIZEL ALMIRALL

On today’s Witch Haunt, I am thrilled to be interviewing an amazing woman, native Miami witch, healer, medium, and clairvoyant who has been featured on CBS Miami. She was also named one of the city's Top 5 Fortunetellers. Please welcome, MARIZEL ALMIRALL!

WH: Welcome to the blog, Marizel! I’m so excited to have you here. Please give us a brief introduction of your beautiful self:

Merry meet. I’m Marizel, owner of The Witch’s Garden, a community organization and online shop established in 2004. I am a witch, spiritual teacher, healer, clairvoyant, artist, wife & mother living life to the fullest and expressing myself daily.

WH: Love that you wear so many hats! What type of witch do you identify as, or do you prefer a different term?

I identify as an eclectic witch, because I connect with a variety of cultures and religions and mostly follow my intuition in my practice, along with formulas and rituals. My spirit guides share with me, pretty much leaving me with a unique and personal path.

WH: I would love to hear more about how your spirit guides share with you. Were you always a witch, even as a child, or did you become one later in life?

I have been a witch my entire life. I have seen spirits and communicated with them since I was a child, and my earliest encounters started at the age of 3. I consider myself a bridge between the living and the dead since a lot of my work includes transitioning those ready to crossover as well as creating recipes and brews given to me during sessions to help individual people and situations. I have been the messenger of the family since childhood and was always the odd one out due to my interests and abilities.

WH: But you’ve embraced this role with all your soul, whereas some people push their abilities away out of fear. What are some of your favorite daily rituals?

I practice and teach everyday magic. Throughout the day, I set intentions with everything I do to keep the energies flowing. I start the day grateful for a new adventure feeling awake and aware with the strength and support to be myself and live this magical life. I thank my ancestors and light candles on my altar honoring them, then place offerings and incense inside and outdoors in our circle. During my daily shower, I release and recharge and with each meal, I infuse myself with healing and oneness with all.

WH: I love how you incorporate magic into everyday activities, making routine parts of your day meaningful. How do you deal with people who don’t understand what it means to be a modern witch or judge you for being one?

When I come across someone like that, I explain the importance of tolerance & unity between all and how essential it is for humanity to be compassionate towards each other regardless of our individual paths or preferences. Then, I invite them to join me at our next community potluck or direct them towards my website or witchvox so they can learn more.

WH: If I could change one thing right now in the world, it would be the way humanity tends to judge each other. What is your favorite crystal, oil, herb, and incense?

I love rainbow moonstone for scrying, lavender flowers for blends, and palo santo with sage to burn.

WH: Palo santo is one of my favorite scents, and I never knew about it until I began on my path a year ago. What is something about yourself that makes you proud?

I’m proud to live a magical life expressing who I am and what I believe while encouraging others to do the same, all while guiding and educating seekers towards self-awareness, awakening, and personal empowerment.

WH: What is your favorite Samhain (Halloween, for my non-witchy readers) tradition?

Setting an altar and offerings for our ancestors while making memories and sharing stories with my twin soul and our little witchlings.

WH: Oh, my goodness. I love that—little witchlings! :) Marizel, when do you feel most powerful?

I feel the most powerful when I am within nature, just me and the elements, celebrating life and connecting with my ancestors.

WH: Do you have any advice for witches just starting on their journey?

This is a sacred journey that can be an adventure of a lifetime, but being awake and aware is intense and not something that you want to rush into. Learn how to protect yourself and be careful who you practice with and what you call upon or do, since sometimes people you might think you know can bring in demons or entities that can create constant chaos. This is a unique, intense, beautiful way of life and if you feel connected to it, then it’s time for you to dedicate yourself within the elements and begin the journey. Take your time and follow your intuition. The more open you become, the easier it will be for recipes and rituals to appear when needed. Books are great info and you can learn a lot, but they are someone else’s story and formula. Don’t be scared to modify as needed while always keeping your intentions clear.

WH: That’s fantastic advice, and I agree with using books and outside knowledge simply as guides. What I love about this path is that we are all unique and will need different things to help us along. What is the most awesome thing happening in your life right now that you’d like to share with us?

I’m happy to be alive and with the love of my life and our little witches doing what I love and expressing myself daily. I feel blessed to be part of a great pagan community and look forward to the continuing growth along our journey. I am excited to be working on my first book and look forward to sharing my life story worldwide.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with us, Marizel! I look forward to your new book and hope to meet with you one day soon, since we are neighbors! Blessed be!

To learn more about Marizel Almirall, visit the following links:

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* Website/store: www.witchshopmiami.com

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witchshopmiami/

* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witchshopmiami/

Marizel Almirall is a native Miami Witch, Healer, Medium & Clairvoyant. In 2013, CBS Miami featured her as one of the top 5 Fortunetellers highlighting the shop and spiritual services she has offered for over 20 years. Since childhood she has been aware of spirits and felt energies around herself and others. These gifts guided her to walk between worlds embracing the path of a medium channeling messages and recipes that have helped many along their path towards balance and self discovery. Marizel is available by appointment and offers psychic readings and therapy as well as custom rituals, ceremonies and blessings worldwide. She is currently working on a series of books related to her life experiences and lessons as a Witch, as well as constantly creating new brews and potions included in all spiritual services and custom creations.

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